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Infos, versions and license:


General features:

Name: Kx-PolyMod
File name: Kx-PolyMod.dll
Author: Xavier Kalensky
Marque: KX77FREE
OS: All Windows (32 bit or 64 bit hosts with vst 2.xx bridge)
Type: 2.3 VSTi (32 bit)
State: Release

Name: Kx PolyMod
File name: Kx PolyMod.vst3 or dll (same file)
Author: Xavier Kalensky
Marque: KX77FREE
OS: All x64 Windows
Type: 3.66 VST3-VST2 (x64)
State: Release


1.00 06-08-2012

1.01 12-08-2012
Denormal bug found and solved:
- Some filter processes could overload the plug-in when the resonance was set to max and the Vcf outputs were modified with the " St " button.

1.02 02-09-2012
- The bank has been completed with 34 presets, a lot of them use the Vco1 synchro.
- The amount of the kxmod random values has been divided by 4.
SF2 player bug found and solved: 
- Some drum kits of the "Titanic" soundfont bank (230 mo) could crash the host when they were changed with the SF2 selectors and the EGs were synchronized by the host. The selectors have been deleted to avoid this bug but you can alway select the sf2 instruments with the menus.
To avoid to use too much memory with large soundfont banks, you can use the free sf2 editor "Viena" provided by:

1.5 07-11-2012
Various improvements and new filters added, including those of the CS70M.
- Better reset of the voices (filters and oscillators).
- Now, the levels of the harmonics before the cut off do not decrease when the resonance is high (lp or bp, 18,12, 6).
- A soft Tanh process has been implemented in some d* filters, the signal is modified by the Tanh process following the input level. This is similar but produces less distortions.
- Four SV filters (lp, hp, bp, notch) added with the possibility to adjust the number of poles of the slope (2 to 4, 12dB to 24 dB).
- Two CS70M filters added (lp, hp), a special version of the SV filter with the same limits found in the tests: the cut off limited to 7040hz (9 volts) and the resonance level limited to 0.88.
- A GUI tool added: you can change the joystick background color to identify your plug-in if you have a session with many plug-ins used.
- The internal help texte has been modified to correct some errors and to update the test values.
Fixed bugs:
- The cut off of the MgL2 filter was false, the values used were not those of the oversampled filters.
- In some cases, the F1-F2 mix multiplied the stereo Vcf output by 0, doing an anormal CPU use.

1.51 18-11-2012
Fixed bug:
- The delay time of the FX2 was false (divided by 60) when it was synchronized by the host.

1.52 23-03-2013
- New SFO compatible with the PAN feature of SF2 banks.
- New SEM modules compiled with SSE2 feature, up to 7% CPU won (min requirements >= Athlon K8 and P4).
- Improvement of the loading of large SF2 banks.
- Vcfs: possibility to replace the "Master Cut" (F1 and F2) by a simple Cut off (F1).
- Improvement of the Fx : new sources of modulation, new SV filter (2 to 4 poles), dry level added.
- Filter Fx: now it is not necessary to set the resonance to half in LP mode to have a flat response curve.
- Peak follower added to smooth the Sample and Hold signal.
- Some automation names corrected.
- All notes are stopped when the selectors "P Max" or "P Note" are modified.
Fixed bug:
- The plug-in could be overloaded when the distortion was oversampled, if the sustain level, the release time of the Vca Eg were set to 0 and also when the Pan was on the left or on the right (too small signal level to the oversampled distortion).

1.54 18-04-2013*
Fixed bugs:
- The S=0 envelop option could generate audio clicks with a short release time.
- The decay and release times were modified by the sustain level. A selector has been added to preserve the compatibility with the actual presets.
- Possibility of bug with the Fx2 synchronized with a very low host tempo.
- The Fx decay is now based on the synthesizer output and on the midi input to avoid to stop the Fx with a short decay when the Vca envelop is synchronized with the host tempo.
*This version replaces the 1.53 (18/04/2013) with a bug when the sustain is to 0.

1.56 12-01-2014
Various improvements:
- SV and EQ filters update.
- More sources available for the Ring Modulator, Filters, Sub Matrix, Joystick, SFO and Fx.
- Pink Noise added.
- Possibility to adjust the threshold level to start the samples (SFO).
- No Lfo synchronization with the host if the Lfo envelope controls the Lfo speed, only the host tempo value is used to control the Lfo speed.
- Values under the BAR for the envelope synchronization with the host tempo.
- Improvement of the Scope by setting its rate to 15 hz.

1.57 22-07-2014
- 6 new filters: SV (type R, more resonance) and Vcs3 (based of BLT's recordings).
- Update of Fx filters (Sv to Sv type R).
- S/N ratio of the Vco1 synchronization improved.
- Improvement of MgL filters with the MgLQ and MgLQd, they are oversampled x4 and can use more resonance level, they replace the MgL2 and MgLd. Also the new resonance curve of the Lo* filter (renamed Mg*and Mgd*) is very close of the one of MglQ (less cpu use...).
- Possibility to disable the reset of oscillators.
- Improvement of Kxmod generators.
- Minor internal changes.
Fixed bug:
- The delay line of the MgLd filter for the oversampling interpolation input was not boosted like the input signal.

1.58 27-05-2015
- New: this plug-in uses the polyphonic distortion and the ring modulator of the Kx-PolyM-CSE.
- The number of SEM has been strongly decreased to prevent Windows limit of MT dlls loaded (only 2 sem files).
- Informations added into the property of SEM (dll) to prevent false positive AV alerts.
Fixed bugs:
- A Midi message All Notes Off (cc123) was sent when the pitch bend wheel was in upper position depending on the Midi keyboard used.

1.59 12-07-2015
- New SDK3 SEM modules of all main plug-ins to prevent a possible bug of x16 sequencer during the initialization of a very large session in your DAW (Cubase 5 bug).

1.60 16-07-2015
- SF2 player improvement, now the sleep mode (on/off) works even if a SF2 bank is loaded. 

1.61 06-08-2015
Fixed bugs:
- Wrong internal file name of the HTML help.
- Possible CPU overload with the oversampled filters if the input signal was the SFO with a level greater than 0 dB.

1.62 15-02-2016
- Improvement of VCO 1 synchronization with oversampled processes (new parameter: Sync Colour).
- Improvement of IIR filters used for oversampling.
Fixed bugs:
- VCO 1: "Voice" was unavailable with the oscillator reset selector (enum list error).
- FX: filter reset when the filter knobs were used.

1.63 11-06-2016
Fixed bug:
- VCA (Dist off *2) : possible CPU overload when the matrix modulations were disconnected.

2.00 05-03-2017 (x64 only):
SDK 369 - SE 1.2355
Some x86 features are not available yet:
Midi Learn, Midi out, help text on each knob, html loading, the possibility to change the background colour.
This version 2.0 is a beta built with KX77FREE c++ SEM and SE 1.2355 (some D2d GUI features are not finished yet).

2.03 10-06-2017 (x64 only):
SDK 392 - SE 1.2399
- Midi learn.
- XML presets.
- DAW show parameters in correct order.
- Skins adapted to new SE directx gamma blending feature.
Following your driver the GPU Intel HD 4000 is not supported yet (edit: laptop with bugged driver, hd4000+ nvdia 620m).
Fixed bugs:
- VSTHost 1.56 works fine now with all parameters (edit: not solved in fact...).
- GUI editor loading time too long.
- Frozen GUI DAW while mouse held.

2.04 26-06-2017 (x64 only):
SDK 392 - SE 1.2399
Fixed bug:
- Oscillators: x64 error code (shifted index), the S/N was decreased to -90 dBFs instead of -120 dBFs.

2.04a 30-06-2017 (x64 only):
SDK 392 - SE 1.2399
Fixed bug:
- SFO: x64 bug, some Soundfonts were reseted always to the first bank.

2.05 06-08-2017 (x64 only):
SDK 392 - SE 1.2399
- Oscillator Sync quality improved.
- Clip leds added (internal signal clipped to +6 dBFs).

1.64 14-08-2017 (x86 only):
SE 1.1914
- Oscillator Sync quality improved.

2.06 19-11-2017 (x64 only):
SDK 412 - SE 1.2412
Various improvements and bug fixes on 64 bit versions.
Made with the latest stable version of SE (1.2412) and with the latest SDK3 (c++).
Parameter indexes have been fixed to preserve compatibility between future versions.
These versions pass the main tests of the Steinberg tool to check the VST3.
The period of beta testing with end users is over.

Fixed bugs:
- XML presets: the file extension has been replaced by *.xmlpreset.
KX POLYM CSE and all by default:
- The FX filters are correctly initialized after a sample rate change.

Built with the stable Synthedit release: 1.1914 (x86).
Built with the beta Synthedit release: 1.2412 (x64).

Kx77free SEM modules specialy written in C++ for this plug-in:
oscillators, ring modulator, matrix, filter, adsr, distortion, delay, etc...


Polyphonic Synthesizer.
A virtual modular analog with matrix and stereo SF2 player.

I started to work on the KXPM serie (22,23,25) ten years ago, just after my first plug-in (kx7).
I experimented the kxmod system on these plug-ins. I wanted to update the Kxpm23 but finally
I created a new plug-in.

KX77FREE license agreement:
This plugin is provided as is with no warranty of any kind.
The use of this plugin is entirely at your own risk.
You may not distribute this plugin in any way.
This version is a freeware.

If you like this plugin, please do not forget to make some publicity about it.

Caution ! , If you are a novice, don't work with a headphone and the volume at max
because electronic instruments can generate powerfull bass (<40 hz)
and very high frequencies (res at max).
The KX77FREE plugins are made for electronic experienced musicians
who pratice electronic sounds synthesis regularly.

KX77FREE License:
author of the vst plugins KX77FREE: Xavier Kalensky

The user downloads and uses the vst plugins KX77FREE at his own risk.
The author of the vst plugins KX77FREE (or all other provider with KX77FREE agreement* )
can not be responsible of material** or corporal damages (direct or indirect) caused
by the use of the vst plugins KX77FREE.
* like Mao magazines, the url to download the KX77FREE files (zip or setup.exe, wma) is All other urls have not the author agreement!
** as any financial, personal or computer data loss.
It's recommended to save any important data before using the vst plugins KX77FREE.

The vst plugins KX77FREE in FREEWARE version are provided without warranty.
The user may not distribute the vst plugins KX77FREE in any way.
The user may not distribute, modify and use the files provided with the vst plugin (sem, dll, png, etc...) in any way.
The vst plugins KX77FREE are always distributed with the file ''Licence.pdf ''
which contains this licence.
Before downlading and using the vst plugins KX77FREE,
the user has read carrefuly this licence (1-Warning and 2-License) and he accept it.

KX77FREE: 2003-2017 by Xavier Kalensky. All Rights Reserved.

All other copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners

SynthEdit: 2003 by Jeff McClintock. All Rights Reserved.

VST and ASIO are trademarks of Steinberg Soft- und Hardware GmbH

Infos and license
Install infos
Midi learn
Install infos:

1- Unzip and copy the VST3 folder in "C:\Programs\Common files\VST3".

2- In "Users\"your account"\Documents\VST3 Presets\xavier kalensky\"Kx PolyMod",
you copy all *.vstpreset files provided with the VST3.

3- If your DAW does not support VST3, change the extension of the plugin *.vst3 by *.dll (VST2)
and copy the VST2 folder in "C:\Programs\Common files\VST2" or in your usual x64 VST folder...

4- Update the database of your DAW by scanning the VST3i plugins.

"Common Files" is a protected Windows system folder.
Your DAW must be in Administrator mode to save your XML presets.
If else you must save in your Document folder of your account or in out of protected Windows folders.

1- Unzip the

2- Copy the Kx-PolyMod.dll  and the "Kx-PolyMod" folder into your Vstplugins folder.

Normally the plug-in copies its embedded files (*.sem, data, etc...) inside a folder with the same name when the plug-in is
initialized for the first time by your host program. But sometime on Vista or Seven that doesn't work with Live,
generally it is a bug about the rights. So this is why the plug-in folder is in the zip ...
You must be logged in administor not in simple user because you must have all rights on the "vstplugins" folder generally installed
in the  "Program file" folder which is protected by Windows.

The SF2 file (24 bit drum set demo) is inside the plug-in folder!


About x64 VST:

VST2 recommended for VSTHost:
The GUI editor of VSTHost 1.56 stays incompatible when the plug-ins are used in VST3 not in VST2. VST3 GUI works fine only with VSTHost 1.54.

Recommended Fruity Loop VST settings:

Select "Use fixed size buffers" in the plug-in options to win 25% of CPU use!

Recommended Reaper VST settings:
With small Asio buffers if you experimented Reaper bugs when you reloaded a session without to close Reaper before.
To fix it > Preference > Plug-ins > VST > "Allow complete unload of VST plug-ins" (to clean all current session memory).
If you listen audio "pops" when you edit something on Reaper with Asio4All.
To fix it > FX windows > Compatibility settings > "Save minimal undo steps".

SF2 banks:
Possible ASIO buffer drop-out when loading large SF2 banks (with small buffers),
just avoid to play the session when the bank is loading (to do list).

FAQ (x86):

1 - Why the oscillators are muted?

You selected types or numbers for waveforms which are not inside the plug-in folder.
This plug-in uses Kx77free's waveforms built with the Kx-Modulad. These files are classified in 3 quality: low, med, hi,
only the med quality (498 ko) is compatible with the Kx-PolyMod plug-in.
They must be copied inside the root of plug-in folder.
Don't erase the data.kxw file because the plug-in uses it to locate the waveforms!

2 - Why my host cannot load the SEM modules when the plug-in is loading?
You forgot to copy the "Kx-PolyMod" folder into your Vstplugins folder.

Normally the plug-in copies its embedded files (*.sem, data, etc...) inside a folder with the same name when the plug-in is
initialized for the first time by your host program. But sometime on Vista or Seven that doesn't work with Live,
generally it is a bug about the rights. So this is why the plug-in folder is in the zip ...
You must be logged in administor not in simple user because you must have all rights on the "vstplugins" folder generally installed
in the  "Program file" folder which is protected by Windows.

3 - How can I reduce the CPU use?
This plug-in is optimized but if you patch with a wrong way you will increase the CPU use!
Do not make connections in the matrix if you do not use them and set to 0.000 the unused parameters.

First, do the difference between the source signals.
The polyphonic signals use more CPU, one modulation per note played.
Monophonic: Lfo, Noise, Lfo Eg, SH, Midi Ctrls.
Polyphonic gate on (note on): Kbd, Vel, Kxmod (1, 2, 3).
Polyphonic alway running : Kxmod*, Vcos, Sfo, Ring Modulator, Egs 1 and 2 (to release end).

Do not select a source if you don't use it with the matrix, select off or None on the selectors (sub matrix, ring, filters).
Set the level of the unused generators to 0 (led off).
Avoid to use oversampled filters* or select NoRes if you do not need resonance. Sv filters have very low CPU use!
Some features increase the CPU use:
When the Vco1 is synchronized by the Vco2 the Vco1 uses 100% CPU more but it sounds good, less than a real analog synthesizer
(less high harmonics) but better than some DSP hardware synthesizers...
An oversampling code has been implemented in some filters (x2, 4x) and the distortion (x2, x4).
The  oversampling technologie needs to use two strong filters (type IIR, up, down) to delete the aliasing artefacts created by the samples oversampled and the nyquist limit (FS/2).

Relative % of cpu use for 6 notes played (ver 1.55):

Sine, Saw, Tri = 0.9% 
Pw, TriSaw = 1.35%

Vco1 + sync + fade:
Sine, Saw, Tri=1.75%
Pw, TriSaw=2.4%

Ring Mod:


*= Oversampled x2!

Q = Oversampled x4! (since the 1.57)
MgLQ*=15.5 %
MgLQd*=15.5 %

Mono source = 0.130% (1 up to 12 dest)
Poly source = 0.775% (1 up to 12 dest)

4 - Midi Learn Setting:
The Midi Learn setting is saved in the bank and in the preset (x86 only).

5 - Beta-testing results:
This is a stable release, it was tested on 32 bits and 64 bits Windows with the main VST hosts:
Cubase SX, Cubase SE, Cubase 5, Samplitude, Orion, Cantabile, Energy XT, Reaper, FL, Live, VstHost, Chainer, Sonar...

6 - Minimum requirements:
Minimum requirements (x86):
Windows  (32 or 64): Xp sp2, Vista, Seven...
Any compatible VST 2.3 32 bit host with Asio driver.
Need a vst 32 bridge (jbridge) with some 64 bit hosts (Live 64 bit).
Any old mono SSE2 processors >= : P4, Athlon K8.

This plug-in is not compatible with the old Athlon XP processors!

A 64 bit VST3 version of this plug-in will be available when SE 64 bit will be stable
and when the convertion of my SDK2 32 bit SEM modules to 64 bit modules will be end...
So if you want to use the Kx-PolyMod with your 64 bit host and if this one has not a vst
32 bridge (64 bit version of Live), you can use the jbrige 32/64-64/32 vst bridge (20$ only):

Your host and Jbrigde must run in administrator mode:
To solve this, locate theirs shorcuts, right-click them, choose "Properties", and in the "compatibility" tab enable
"Run this program as an administrator option".

The KX77FREE plug-ins are FREEWARES, so 20$, it's a good deal!

7 - Recommended configurations:
All Dual Core or Quad Core configurations with host programs optimized for these processors.

8 - Know problems:

FL Studio:
The plug-in uses less CPU (-25%) and the wav export works fine with these Wrapper options:
- Use fixed size buffer.
- FL 8 -> Allow threaded processing must be disabled (on quad core).
- FL 9 and upper -> Allow threaded processing must be enabled (on quad core).
The Midi Learn doesn't work with FL, FL locks the CC for its automation.

To change the values of the knob fields, use the "Caps lock" key.

Large Soundfont banks:
You can listen an audio glitch during the program change if the GUI editor is closed because the loading process is called by the DSP when the GUI is off. If you use the program change in your host session with large soundfont banks, keep the GUI editor of the plug-in open.
To avoid to use too much memory with large soundfont banks, you can use the free sf2 editor "Viena" provided by:

Midi learn:

All controllers can be edited with the Midi learn (right click).

CC 120 = All sounds off
CC 123 = All notes off

The default setting is all parameters set to "none".

The current setting is saved in the bank or in the preset (x86 only).

Infos and license
Install infos
Midi learn
KX77FREE : 2003-2017 by Xavier Kalensky. All Rights Reserved.