http://jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridge: 32/64-64/32 bridge to use the 32 bit VSTs with Live 9 64 bit or other 64 bit hosts without 2.xx bridge,  20$ only.

(Eng) [KX77FREE's videos]

http://www.hermannseib.com/english/savihost.htm (Gr/Eng) [Free host and vst]

v-machines/vfx-beta.html (Eng) [Windows Vst on Mac Intel]

http://www.synthfont.com (Eng) [Free host, sf2 tools]

http://www.synthedit.com (Eng) [SE, modular host to create your vst!]

http://nay-seven.com/index.php (Fr) [SE forum]

http://www.codeblocks.org (Eng) [Free IDE c++]

http://www.musicdsp.org (Eng) [DSP code]

http://www.csounds.com (Eng) [Music and DSP]

http://www.g200kg.com/en/software/knobman.html (Eng) [Free vst, Graphic Tools]

http://www.freewebs.com/sobotoys (Gr/Eng/Fr) [Midi]

http://antti.smartelectronix.com (Eng) [Free vst]

http://www.novaflash.com (Fr/Eng) [Free vst]

http://bserrano.free.fr (Eng) [Free vst]

http://www.dr-midik.fr/site/index.php (Fr) [Free vst]

http://www.hervenoury.com (Fr) [Free vst]

http://www.pompougnac-daniel.com (Fr) [Free vst]

http://acousmodules.free.fr (Fr/Eng) [Free vst]

http://www.rekkerd.org (Eng) [loops, vst links]

http://bbrunoo.free.fr (Fr) [Music links]

http://instrumentsvirtuels.free.fr (Fr) [Music forum, vst database]

http://www.kvraudio.com DC 2007! (Eng) [Music forum, vst database]

http://www.dontcrack.com (Eng) [Free vst links]

http://www.samplestation.net (Fr) [Music forum]

http://www.gersic.com (Eng) [Free vst database]

http://www.plugindex.de (Gr) [Free vst database]

http://www.vstplanet.com (Eng) [Free vst database]

http://www.synthzone.com (Eng) [Synth links]

http://www.audiofanzine.fr (Fr/Eng) [Music forum,vst database]

http://www.live-styler.org (Fr) [Host]

http://www.midgard-hills.fr/nyl-auster.html (Fr) [Music]

http://www.d758076.eu/index.html (Fr) [Music]

http://bernardreeb.free.fr (Fr) [Music]

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